Monday, May 7, 2012

another day another winery trip...

Running behind.. yes... again!  I think the key to having a blog a day is to have nothing else to do with your time.  Unfortunately - that isn't going to be in the cards for me anytime soon, lol.  Have had some busy weekends lately, what with a birthday, a wedding, and a winery trip!   Granted, I have taken some photo's, but nothing like I have wanted to.  I keep tossing up a new camera... it's about 500, so it's an investment, but i believe it will be a good change for me, a further step in learning what I like and don't like.  So we shall see...  What day am I up to?  Oh yes...4/23 - 5/6


Friday, April 20, 2012

omg! Time keeps on ticking...

So, It's harder than I thought to actually post a picture a day.  I am either out of town, working or ok... away on vacation!  So, Apparently I am 20 pictures behind... YIKES!